Happy Faro Friday, I've had better weeks but knowing I come from good stock I have faith, and sometimes that's all you need,

But thankfully I'm not limited to that untangible shit, I have a team of killer artistic mercenaries here to cheer me up,

So with that here are the updates for this current Kickstarter,

The SHE-RA -- SKELETOR GHOST RIDER SOUTH DAKOTA COVER is in Color Flats, should be done by sundown, which theoretically is when Sanju is supposed to deliver the Freddy Cover, of course, I've been getting that same email for the last week, so before I order a drone plane to fire bomb his fucking bathroom while he's on the toilet I'm going to take another huge puff on my TruPod and take another fine gander at this She-Ra Skeletor Update from Jose and of course, THE MANDALORIAN

I love The Mandalorian, I even plan to name my next bulldog Yoda, so check out the update of this month's featured poster, I may keep it as Black & White or even put it on a hoodie,

Let me know your thoughts, I may even fuckin listen this time so go for it,

Till then, the Kick link is below, hangin and bangin my friends, 

For those subscribing to the new Youtube, you rock and thanks for popping into the first broadcast, I'll get the next one up and running as soon as I have everything situated with Dad,

Till then, you rock, and thanks, it's the job that makes it all worth it,




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