Happy Weekend my friends, my shipping supplies have been delayed this week, but I've been assured they arrive today or I get to use the spleen of the UPS guy like a Slinky, nothing worse than when you leave open some proper time to pack and ship and there's no envelopes or tubes, and not one fuckin office supply store in all of the state of Florida sells the slips I need or the envelopes that fold the way I like, ugh ugh, this is why God created hookers and drugs, to distract you from when the production line stalls,

Either way, the rest of the packages shall be going out this week, so I have once again added some stickers to offset the waiting,

Until then, here is the color update for the Anime Strip Poker Round, starring MAJOR MOTOKO KUSANAGI from GHOST IN THE SHELL — RIAS GREMORY from HIGH SCHOOL DXD & MARIDA CRUZ from GUNDAM

My artist accidentally misread the instructions and provided me with a SEXY version, so I'm trying to figure out whether or not to add it as a poster or a Holochrome LTD 25 or 50 cover,

As always, your feedback is welcomed and often ignored, :)------------------




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