So my man Varese had to deal with some family matters and was unfortunately delayed, and during the interim, with the rest of the production line going and nothing to do, I decided to rack my brain in order to figure out ways to keep evolving Faro's Lounge past just your normal overpriced publications,

I see a lot of my competition making a big deal out of giving away stickers, magnets, and all sorts of other crap you can buy cheap from China with a Vistaprint discount code, so I didn't feel like I was doing anything cool by going that route,

Then I won some cash playing fantasy baseball, and my accountant won't let me post it bc I'm currently under investigation by the IRS due to my criminal past (ugh fuckers won't go away)

Soooo while I was waiting on updates from my team, I called some girls for an orgy and just like that a idea sparked,


Here's just a little pic of what I'm putting together for the next issue of Zeldara, which will have a special Triple DDDLX Version featuring a very special photo shoot with Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Wonder Woman,

Stay Tuned True Believers, your man Kane is always working, as a matter of fact, I'm going back to work right now :)



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