Happy Tuesday my friends, the Buffalo Bills have moved on to the Elite 8 and I'm walking around at 95% capacity, may even test out my back with a cute little vixen visiting from El Salvador, if the bitch will answer my texts and do most of the work of course,

Well onto business, I was so pumped to see the Sith Leias moving so well, the first 100 All Natural Variants went like that, so I pulled a few from my seller stash and jacked up the price, so those of you who bought early, you can already profit from your purchase off those bloody ebay vultures, :) and I mean that in the most sarcastic sense of course, since I'm banned from the damn site.........

So inspired partially by the Bills win and the Variant success, I decided to move up this little piece in the rotation,

This Ivy Cover was originally intended to be a variant for next month's Happy Harley Days 3 Campaign, but then my artist hit me up for some X-tra X-Mas Gift Commissions, so we came up with this piece,

To be honest, I love the fuckin paint job on this piece, it almost transcends the regular Slave Leia Theme and goes right for some Van Gogh fine art action, of course I'm biased,

Let me know what you think my friends, available in Covered Option as well, for you Vegans out there :)




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