Ok my friends, it's Saturday and by supporting my local restaurants I think I may now be off fuckin steak,

Ugh I know we have to be patient, but when did Medium come to mean Mushy, fuck I hate when they fuck up a steak,

Ok while I bitch and try to find the local sushi review and drink a Pepto Cleansing Cocktail why don't you stop listening to me bitch and enjoy tonight's updates,

First off we have another classic drift into Marvel's Golden Age in this Tribute to Tales of Suspense,

We have Pepper Potts and Black Widow riding high and tight on a Stark made Cycle,

It will be a future pinup poster on a future Kickstarter,

As for below, we have the latest update to this month's Iowa ensemble,

Sue Storm in her classic 80's MALICE Garb alongside a Namor we all wish we were, although to be honest, reading the old Tales to Astonish Comics, Namor kind of blows, he's basically the WWF heel who goes from comic to comic fighting against every super hero until he finally runs out of juice and jumps back in the ocean like a naked dick,

Ok fuckers, Happy Saturday, and let's see if I can hit 11K -- as always the Uncensored Sue is at the link,




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