Happy Sunday my friends, it is a gloomy day here in SoFLa, but I don't need the sun as I'm about to root on the Bills in the final week of the season, before we go on to lose to those goddamn Patriots in the first round,

Damn U Belichek yourself, 

So with all the new Posters both being created and currently and on the horizon, it is time to retire so of the posters from the earlier rounds,

So with the Quarter Final Round being moved up the list, it was time to retire the three posters that feed into this near championship round,

You are the ones who voted for this trio, so now the ORIENT ROUND, MAGIC MAVENS ROUND & FRENCH CATHOUSE ROUND are being retired,

I have Master Jose Varese dropping by this week to sign them, so whoever gets the posters get the hope of three muses flying into your window and taking you on a Pixi Ride before handing you the bill,

Ahh a man can dream,

From my wall to yours, Happy Shopping in the ADD-On Section,




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