Happy Saturday my friends, just got this baby from Master Varese, and I'm hoping to have the finished colors for the Strip Poker Cover by tomorrow, this way we are off to the printer by Monday Morning,

Till then, enjoy the Buxom Buccaneer Redbeard, and make sure to check out my YouTube Channel, as I have started making Lineups for the upcoming season, 


Ahh I'm sure I'm putting the Draftkings grandchildren through college,

And while packing packages, I managed to uncover my last copy of the Original Faro's American Safari ALABAMA EDITION, which had a Cosmic Blondes Theme of Sue Storm & Samus Aran,

I cut off the sales at 1,000 because some lawyer prick from Nintendo was making some problems at the time, so I had a new IRON BOWL THEME put in,

Either way, for those of you who must collect em all, I put that little morsel in the ADD-ON Section,

Happy Shopping,




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