Rey & Gamora Team Up -- THE RABBINESS Cover Update -- Holy Cobras!!!

Happy Tuesday my friend, there a boring debate on my TV and I got my ass handed to me today on Draftkings, literally putting back all the money I won by placing first fucking place yesterday,

Ahh, it's like a seesaw, with my nuts on both sides of the pans,

So anyway, the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival was in full effect this last weekend and I had a bird's eye view of all the action from living in the center of it all,

Someone did a monstrous mural of Kobe Bryant, which will remain directly outside my window until the sands of time and autos blow it away,

While I was never an NBA fan or gave much attention to Kobe outside of mainstream affairs, I like everyone else got caught up in all the clips of him during the media blitz surrounding his death,

While keeping in the background as the usual celebrity baiting, I started catching clips of Kobe talking about the evolution of his practice regimen, and how he broke it down several times over and applied to life beyond sports,

I finally started paying attention and found myself going on youtube for more clips,

Turns out that Mamba Mentality was a real thing, not some bullshit slogan to sell sneakers,

To anyone struggling with those pesky business decisions, or maybe even some of you that are just a little bit lost, confused, or just frustrated, do yourself a favor and type in Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality Speeches,

You may just catch something to make you appreciate someone, you may just hear something that triggers something creative, something important, or just makes you smile,

For the next several days, I'll be taking a glance outside my window, rolling a blunt filled with something expensive and planning out my next story while I see which divorcees need to be ravaged on Tinder Tonight,

Wish me luck True Believers, and take a gander at the latest batch of artistic goodness,

Only a week remains on the Kickstarter and if you want to see old Jesse Girl without the bars, just away you horny little goose,



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