Happy Sunday my friends, here are two lovely sketches straight off the block of my Slave Leia Iconicist Emil Cabaltierra,

The one up top is Rogue as a Genie with Gambit as Aladdin

The one below is Gwen Stacy suiting up for the ultimate apprenticeship in Gotham City,

Crossing Universes and making mashups truly is the best part of being in the kooky industry, and I can't thank you enough for being on the other end of this email to appreciate the wonders and machinations of my imagination,

Whatever your industry, whatever your passion, I am learning every day that patience is no longer a word used to put off your unending misery,

Patience is something that must be trusted, and you can light a million candles of prosperity, and you can sacrifice all of your vices for something that has no guarantee, 

But if you're like me, and you constantly believe in the story no matter how much ridicule you will endure from friends, family and foes alike,

But in the end, patience has taught me the difference between jerking off into a blanket to the same 6 porn loops, or being in the middle of a sweet war with a dark angel and a pixi,

Stay tuned true believers, and make sure to help be a part of the final 37% I need to keep this yacht afloat.




Gwen Stacy is Robin

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