Happy Sunday my friends -- I'm coughing up cardboard dust, but life is good, until I ran out of Gemini Mailers, which means business is good and as always I'm catching up, which always comes with penalties,

The fuckin IRS snuck in a little back taxes bill on me from my criminal days, and those who have been reading The American Safari Series know the history.  Nevertheless, with success comes the eventual drain, it's just aggravating when they blindside coming off a good month.......cunts,

But while puffing my way through my usual temper tantrum, I was inspired to dig up an old piece from many years back and giving it the old recolor and HOLOCHROME lube job, to commemorate the lube job I'm currently getting from the Feds in order to keep paying for Hunter Biden's hookers instead of mine,

So this is the TAX TIME LTD -- starring the Venomized SCROOGE McDUCK and his paramour, the lovely PRINCESS JASMINE,

And I believe I will have Master Varese SIGN These and THE RASPUTINS -- schedule pending of course, but def gonna happen :) and I'll make a video of the signing,

Available, as always on the new Faro Kickstarter, in the main and Add-On sections,

$33 for the Steel Bikini
$44 for the Symbiote
$60 for the Set,

Happy Hunting,




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