Happy Friday my friends, I'm off to Vegas for Awesome Con after not finding a new artist in the trenches of Calgary, 

However, what Calgary lacked in original talent more than made up for with one of the best damn surf n turfs I ever tasted,

I've read about the legendary quality of Alberta steaks and that shit held up, so it's always nice when the culinary aspects of a trip can make up for what lacks,

I think what upsets me the most about walking around Artist Alley scouting for talent is that with all this digital crap, this next generation is greatly lacking in both humility and reference, which we all makes for great fuckin creativity,

Of course, I have been spoiled by the pencils of Jose Varese, Emil, Hique and my newbies,

This is also, why I am hitting less American shows and making trips into Panama and Brazil,

All about talent, it has nothing to do with the scantily clad women, and damn you for judging me :)

Rogue Harley is still available, and here is the first sketch for THE SHARPSHOOTER, which makes perfect timing as I finally got to take a drive and drop off a Faro's Lounge catalog to the legendary Hart Mansion, which is fuckin awesome and overlooks the city, you can only imagine the kind of childhood experience by the Excellence of Execution,

Looking upon this piece of history, I know for a fact, that I would've wussed out in the dungeon

Happy Shopping,




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