Happy Tues my brews, I just got back from a looooooong road trip further around this lovely country.  I now have 49 states under my belt, with only WISCONSIN left to complete The American Safari,

So my plan is to drop the dog off at the Pet Lodge, fly up Thursday Night into Milwaukee, grab some frozen custard and drive straight up for the Thursday Night Primetime game between the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field -- then get wasted so I can endure the cold while wrapped in whatever warm skins I can scam from the Green Bay Packer gift shop.

Wake up hungover and have a good fashioned breakfast near my downtown Green Bay hotel, before driving back to Milwaukee, touring the Beer Mansions and getting back on an afternoon flight back to Fort Lauderdale, where I get off at 9:50 pm, and with my car at the valet, I am going to literally get off the plane with no baggage since it's an overnight trip, and just grab my car from valet and go straight to see SHANE GILLIS at 10 at the Brand New Dania Beach Improv, which is literally just a 10 minute drive from the airport, enough time to miss the opening act.

So while I plan my last chapter of the American Safari, take a gander at SLAVE ARIEL, chained to the rocks while Disney goes WOKE,

Also great news from the man Budd Root, who is enjoying drawing the ZELDARA 6 cover so much, he may just have it finished by Thanksgiving.

Fingers crossed until the crack, and for those of you who missed it last month, it's in the ADD-ON section and it's already been marked up bitches,

Happy Shopping,




budd root mars attacks

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