So they closed my pool a couple of days ago, and even the damn hookers are hiding, 

With all the fuckin hysteria, I decided we needed to do something to spice things up as we end another successful Kickstarter

So I called my man Varese and told him that while I love the Breeding Slave Jubilee and Immortan Juggernaut was friggin legendary, I wasn't feeling the same for the Furiosa version, and not because I didn't love Furiosa Jubilation, it was just she didn't feel right paired up with Juggernaut,

So I went back and forth with Jose till about 3am and we worked out a little MAD MAX LOGAN for COVER 2

As always this will be a Kickstarter Only, and whatever I hide in my private stash for overflow, so if you want this bitch in your box then just amp up your package or keep holding your current position,

And for those of you making wall space, the Original Art is Up for Grabs in the reward section, and I'm offering up a page of original art as an add on to the package, along with BOTH BOOKS & POSTERS,

Happy shopping my friends, and as always the unblocked version is on the link,



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