Happy Friday, I missed 100k in last night's atrocity that attempted to look like a football game between supposed professionals, but I've seen crackheads wrestle over pipes with more skill.  Good God I need new hobbies,

A few more surveys and pledges need to be collected and then I shall send off the specs to the printer and shipper, cuz ur man Faro is heading off to Brazil to find some new blood for the gears of the Lounge, somewhere out there is another Varese waiting to be plucked and exploited :)

Speaking of the man, we have the rest of the HALLOWEEN HOLO-FOILS up on the Kickstarter, and for those who missed out last month, the Cover Prince has already snuck up, ahh how I long to be the dude who sets the market -- ahh one day....

And for those of you who already own the fucker, here is the color update for the Steampunk Jessica, the cover model of this month's mainstream -- FARO 1868

Happy Hunting,




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