Happy Sunday my fellow scoundrels,

I am getting ready for the Game of Thrones Finale with Alcohol, Junk Food, Cannabis and if all goes, the simmering juices of a dark angel,

Until then, enjoy both of these Sue Storm Commissions, the first one a tribute to her brief time as MALICE and the lower one a Fantastic Bondage Theme featuring SUE STORM & SHE HULK,

For those of you game for Bondage and/or Dragon Themed Commissions of your own, the Gwen Dragon Sold yesterday, so I added a KARA STARR-BORNE featuring POWER GIRL as THE KHALESSI,

I then order a piece I can only call GWENOMATRIX featuring Gwen Stacy and her willing victim, The Black Cat,

25% to go, help us crush the 4th quarter of this Kickstarter,




Sue Storm Bondage with She Hulk

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