Happy Monday my friends, another wave of Pixi Runner packages go out today, and I will be packing and shipping the rest this week, now that the Metal Covers have arrived,

As for Last Month's Nebraska Book, the interior comic strip is almost finished, and the Josie and the Pussycats Poster has been inked, just waiting on the colors,

Once those are done, they will be off to the printer,

I'll have the finished Ahsoka Colors by tonight, and I may even have 3 variants for you guys to choose from,

So until, check out the Super Bowl 56 LTD Sketches,

I was originally going to go with She-Ra riding Battlecat going up against Lady Loki, but after reading all of your votes, there was an audible called last minute,

Never say Faro's Lounge doesn't listen to the readers, so I give you representing the hard battling Bengals that came up short is TIGRA riding Battlecat going up against a LADY LOKI//SHE-RA Mashup.

Until later True Believers,




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