How depressed am I right now?

Let's just say 34 people won the Million Dollar Jackpot on the Super Bowl 57 Draftkings Showdown Game, each taking home 52grand,

But this dickhead, who should've been 35, accidentally clicked Melvin Gordon 3 instead of Zach Pascal as my 6 card -- and ask who got 5 of FUCKIN 6 right on the winning hand,

So while I wallow because nothing is working, check out the sketches for our Super Bowl 57 LTD Variant Anti-Valentine's Cover, as Zach Pascal will be haunting my fuckin nightmares until Pre-Season begins,

Representing the Eagles, will be a hybrid Predator Vulture Creature who took out a Green Lantern,

Representing the Chiefs, a little Naru//Pocahontas Mashup




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