Happy Monday my friends, I just BBQ'd with the artist who is making a coffee table out of my first novel,

The table is coming out amazing and it is totally layered and covered with pages from FARO BOOK 1

No better work station then the one covered in your artistic inspiration,

And speaking of life imitating art, check out the sketches for the ZELDARA 3 -- SUPERHERO STRIP POKER BAT-STYLE EDITION -- featuring some Good Old Gotham Gold,

This baby is the Special Edition of Zeldara 3, which features the 24 page story followed by the 40 page Superhero Strip Poker Shoot that I put together with money I won playing fantasy baseball,

Great art brings back great memories, and if you missed this baby on the Zeldara campaign, it is available in the Add-On Section,

Don't forget the color update to HOUSE GREYSKULL. 

Happy Shopping,




She-Ra and Mountain At Arms

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