No NBA, MLB, MMA or NFL on yesterday to lose money on, and I almost went all oobotz oh shit with restlessness. 

Besides finishing up all the listings and advertising shit that comes with being a simple writer trying to take over the fuckin world while writing poetry and trying to woo little girls to dress up like various naughty versions of Harley Quinn,

Alas, until such events become the norm, we live out our ambition through art, and we pay dearly for it,

So enjoy this update, a tribute to one of more classic tomes of pseudo 90s violence with that crispy Faro's Lounge touch of mashup,

True Romance starring Harley and Frankie, brought to you by the new Faro Kickstarter,

Over in Action Comics 22 -- War has broken out across Europe, in the nations of TORAN & GALONIA, ugh, God Dammit DC just make your own universe!  

Real Continents -- Fake Cities -- Take a fuckin stand,

So Lois & Clark are war correspondents and they run afoul of a woman who is a spy, but I'm so damn confused because every woman drawn in these fuckin stories are all carbon copy clones of Lois Lane, which makes it hard to draw out a serious commission from this early line of comics,

I will go back to the drawing board for Action Comics 23, which rumor has it features the debut of the iconic Lex Luthor,

Well spank me silly,

Enjoy the art, pledge to the Kickstarter, and check out all the cool shit at the lounge store, 




The Cardiac Cardinal

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