In order to live a fantasy life, we must take our fantasies out of our right hands (or left, depending on your preference) and in that complacent cesspool we call reality.

Till then my love of fantasy sports has led to the creation of a new Sports Merch site, where I'm proud to say we made our 1st sale today,

only 999,999 to go :) -- check out all the bachelor and vintage goods here

I'm off to league play tonight, my continued attempt to become a professional bowler,

Why?  -- Because I'm fuckin 41 and even though a heartbeat and one and a half good shoulders may just be enough to qualify me to play QB for the Washington Redskins, but alas, I can't stand living in the nation's capital,

So onto to bowling, is it nuts to think that a person who hasn't bowled for God knows how many years be able to walk into a blue collar sport and get his ass on a Nike Ad,

You don't know if you don't jump in the pool.

Remind me to tell you that story, oh wait it will be in the next Sketchbook,

Get it here True Believers -- and check out the finished inks on BETTY & VERONICA -- RIVERDALE RAUNCH

Remember there is a Steel Bikini & NUDE Variants,

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