Well it fuckin happened, and we were so close to the finish line, but alas, one of my soldiers had to pull out of his desire to possess THE SAVAGE SHE HULK COMMISSION, so she is back on the Kickstarter for whoever needs that Emerald Green Amazon in a tattered loincloth bikini watercolor painted by the finest mother fuckin penciller from Southeast Asia, Emil "The Meal" Cabaltierra (Nickname still in progress)

Whether affairs of the heart or the body, we always hate to lose someone, but at this goddamn point I'm used to it,

And to even be more annoying, I'm trying to break into this Spring Training Baseball on Draftkings and they put the friggin lineups in like 2 seconds before the first pitch so its basically the Wild West,

I tell you this people, I live in South Florida, home of God knows how many teams playing Spring Training down here,

I am psycho enough to take my laptop and just go from field to field bribing bat boys and interns and broke minor leaguers to give me the lineup cards,

But until I pick my ass up off the chair, leave the site my Pixi and steal Coach Cosie's supercomputer,  I still have to peddle my wares,

Take a look at these covers people, I gave my man Jose Varese an idea and he just fuckin went nuts on it,

I hope you are pleased with what you see, as I know you will be absolutely disturbed with what you read inside.  Anti-Valentine Gore is just a click away,





Jessica Rabbit as Poison Ivy

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