It's Friday evening and I got the blues.  

My favorite spot to drink and hang and write has slowly but surely over the last few months have turned to shit,

Call it whatever, but when I can't draw off the energy of people, aka sexy girls, I can't write effectively, and I can't write effectively, I can't in all honesty, make you blow your money on 24-32 pages of filler dog shit, then I would change my name to MARVEL HAHAHAHAHA, ok sorry,

So the fuckin twat of an owner, who definitely had the place handed to him and never truthfully earned a real living in his fuckin life wastes non stop hours of my time asking me what to do to fix the place going downhill,

I give him 1,000 ideas, all mind you ignoring my lineups for the evening and basically fucking myself on Draftkings for the night, all to help this prick,

He says he will compensate me for my time, I tell him don't waste his money on shit talent and let's kill two birds with one stone,

I tell him hire me, let me Faro the shit out of social media and I will attract every frustrated MILF and Tween and all in between and build up a strong and brand new client base,

This man listens to everything I say then hires some moochy, annoying fuckin twerp, so basically going against everything I offered and wasting my time,

He was afraid of me, the same way Marvel was afraid of me at that meeting in Boston, the same way any complacent cock sucking waste of human compost is afraid of anyone that is as loud, obnoxious and dedicated as me,

But he didn't want to see that, this a man who needs customers, me a guy who has built himself back from the poorhouse TWICE!!!!!!!!

So with the final insult, and not one fuckin woman in the entire place, I have packed up my laptop and taken my show on the road,

What's the lesson learned here, well there is none, I am a man of absolute passion, and it always gets me stares and even ridicule from my piers,

But it's who I am, and anyone that would ever want to accept a lighter version of you should turn a bar stool upside and have a fuckin orgy with themselves.

I won't stop being who I am, even if it costs me the Pixi I desired, and the spot I liked to admire her from,

In the end, it was time for a fresh start, a new launch pad, like a symbiote going for it's next host,

So now in disarray, I reached out to my man Emil in Manila, who dropped me some art while he works on the new SUE STORM & SAMUS ARAN COSMIC BLONDES COVER, available on the new Faro Kickstarter,

Until then, my friends, Happy Friday and I hope you are raising a pint from your favorite spot,




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