Two days into the new Kickstarter and we're already hitting 200%, you couldn't ask for anything better,

Hey fuck that happiness shit, did you watch PUNT-FEST 2019 last night, PUNTS!!!!! KICKS!!!!

This is what I imagined what is playing on TV on the bus ride to hell.  Needless to say, I won back half my cash, so again, we must go another year peddling my wears to you fucking peasants so I can spend my days writing and my nights hunting down a woman who I will someday make Jose Varese draw,

Until then my friends, here is the latest update from Master Varese and the new Faro's Lounge Anti-Valentine's Day Sketchbook, available of course on Kickstarter,


Jessica Rabbit as Poison Ivy for Faro's Lounge Anti Valentine's Day Sketchbook


Ugh, Action Comics 12 What the Fuck?

Maybe I have a Super Bowl hangover, or just the fact that they didn't capitalize on the fact that Superman strong armed the commodities market and made himself a millionaire.  This man is in desperate need of an arch villain.

This whole every issue is resolved within the issue really makes these early stories frustrating and weak, Superman basically gets fed up after a hit and run and spends the entire issue roughing up anyone and everyone who works in or within the auto industry,

Superman is wall smashing shady dealers, politicians and local factory owners who are shorting the customers and short changing their workers until they are either out of commission or out of business.

Problem here is its just constant empty fantasy from issue to issue, where the writer and artist are just acting out violent fantasies to perform on those who were making out and screwing others over during The Great Depression,

I can only hope Superman will soon be sent out to fictional DC European countries in order to investigate those bloody fucking Krauts,

So until next time my friends, I will say the only thing I pulled from this issue to use in my DC World Building exercise is the man on the cover 

ZATARA, yes the hot and busty Master Magician ZATANNA once had a daddy, who was a master magician himself who trained Batman and I'm thinking daddy and daughter will make fine additions to my DC World, one as a mentor and the latter as a lover, 

Until check out the latest Poster I'll be popping up on the old storefront,


Zatanna and Batgirl on a Riddler Roadster

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