The day began with reflexology, which is an hour of bliss as a tiny Asian beauty with hands of steel works over your feet until every bit of anger and dissent is wrung from your body,

During that brief moment of non rage for reality, I imagined a brand new Harley Quinn commission featuring the current star of the Netflix chopping block The Punisher,

I was thinking PUNISHER & HARLEY in a total TRUE ROMANCE SEND UP,

I was so in the zone with happiness from the foot massage,

Then one bad conversation with mom and all the anger comes back,

God bless our parents, no matter how batty they drive us, we must always find a way to make up with them sooner rather then holding the perennial grudge, 

Sometimes the worst thing you can do to your enemies, is forgive them.  Then you get rid of the anger like a good Christmas Day Dump,

So on to happier Thursday things,

Emil has delivered the first few sketches of his next round of commissions, and I am seriously contemplating playing 150 lineups in this upcoming Super Bowl,

But I may just jerk off instead and save 1500 clams,

So check this baby out before we get to a quick Action Comics review, of course you can get in on the Harley Commission Craze on the new Faro Kickstarter, which is about 15% away from the 300 plateau,

Now that I'm in fantasy sports, its' fuckin numbers and tiers now,

Enjoy, post, spread and pledge,


Harley Quinn as a Mermaid with Joker as Sebastian



Action Comics 6 has Superman taking on his deadliest foe yet, the entertainment industry,

When our tale opens up Clark Kent is introduced to a young agent named Scott Boras, who has taken up the hard working efforts of putting Superman's face, name and likeness on every billboard, blimp and bimbo across the unnamed city that may soon be called Metropolis

Boras claims to have the real Superman ready to make an appearance and start discussing movie, TV and baby oil rights and Clark is steamed enough to play along and get to the bottom of all this refer madness,

A young supple blonde copy boy is eavesdropping at the door, I can only believe this will eventually become Jimmy Olsen, who tips off Lois, who then schemes to plunder the story by using her feminine wiles to lure Clark on a date to chase and steal his story,

Clark pulls out all the stops and turns the date into a black tie affair, and Lois responds by slipping Clark a fuckin roofie, no seriously, she drugs him, you want to tell me that shit would fly today,

Anywhoooo, Lois bolts off to meet her dreamboat Superman while Clark continues his ruse and follows Lois in his blue jumpsuit with golden snake on the center,

What I love here is the crisp cold writing, Lois meets the agent the fake Superman, who's waiting out on the window with some cardboard props and a bottle of gin,

Holy shit, Scotty Boras hired Ben fuckin Affleck to play Superman for the meeting,

I swear that fuckin guy gets all the good parts,

When Lois calls schenanigans, they grab her and literally throw her out the window,

They throw her out the fuckin window, like really no hesitation, wow this is show business man,

Superman of course catches Lois in time, gets inside, fucks shit up and tongues it out with Lois before skipping off to a whole new adventure next issue,

Now my OCD demands that I find something to use in every issue, and I managed to find it literally on the last page, 

The weird way they drew Superman for the next issue teaser panel, they made his cape look more like a cloak, so I went with it as the inspiration for his royal garb,

Thanks again for tuning in, and make sure to check out some KICKS & CLOCKS over at my new store,


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