Its Sunday Bloody Sunday, at least my hands and knuckles will be bloody from punching the hard oak bar today as I have $200 across 70 lineups in todays NFL Conference Championship Games,

For those upon the field of battle with me today, may fate & faith decide your fortune, and may you blow your winnings on the newest Kickstarter, as we are currently 2 backers from hitting that 100 tier,

As for new art commissions for you fans and foes, I have put in an order for 3 newbies,

1--SLAVE APRIL -- April O Neil in the Slave Leia Steel Bikini to save a frozen Michael-Angelo (my fave)

2--HARLEY-WEEN -- So proud of this one -- this is going to be a Harley--Joker Mashup with THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE X-MAS -- Yes mofos, Jack Skellington Joker, so happening,

3--BAT OF THE BORDERLANDS 3 -- Knightmare Batman in the Borderlands along with The New Huntress -- MAYA THE SIREN 

On to new reviews -- Action Comics 3


It's amazing to look back and see how gritty the writing was on the early issues of Superman,

Superman literally grabs a gangster and hurls him like a javelin, more than likely to his death,

Superman's disregard for human life is kind of endearing at times, and it definitely reflects the divide between rich and poor, which was most definitely at its height during the Great Depression that was crippling America at the time of this comic's publishing,

Even now with the lines between rich and poor so aggravated and so many people giving into and believing that half these cunts running around making youtube videos in rented Lambos telling you to buy their course that is only available for the next 12 seconds and I promise you I will be the one who finds out what's what and shakes these fucks down before they ruin another one of your tube loops,

In this particular issue we see a bunch of miners trapped under the ground due to poor safety conditions never updated by their fat cat mine owner,

Superman infiltrates a party of rich fat cats and gets them loaded in order to convince them to go for a late night party in the mines, where he strands them,

So Superman is a messenger of poetic justice, and can oddly enough throw a raging mixer,

So how do we use this  in our new DC Game of Thrones Universe,

How do we use this to expand upon The Kingdom of Krypton?




What if the Kingdom of Krypton mines KRYPTONITE much like Casterly Rock mines Gold, or did mine gold, remember Tywin told Cersei the wells have run dry, eh eh, Game of Thrones fans :) (Or as my neighbor calls it, GAME OF THE TRONES -- NO H necessary with the Italian accent)

Let's come up with the idea that Jor-El, while a great king, still a king with responsibilities and tasks, and perhaps Kal-El must learn to either accept these responsibilities that come with his eventual royal ascent or watch the Kingdom of Krypton crumble,

Kryptonite Mines, with each distinctive color of Krpytonite having distinct powers, side effects and values, sort of like lower end Infinity Gems, or well Steroids or Drugs,

So now our Kingdom of Krypton has its royal line, a betrothed bride in Diana of Themiscyra, and an island nation of pirates off the isle of SAN MONTE, where we will meet LOLA CORTEZ of THE BARONTA,

And our universe gets bigger and bigger, and with the cover of Action Comics 3 being a PIRATE, well the omen is clear,

Happy Sunday my friends, and don't forget to check out the all my KICKS & CLOCKS


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