Happy Saturday chums and bums, here are some sketches to enjoy on this brisk St Patty's Eve, where I am slowly hoping that the fuckin Cleveland Indians can get their shit together so I can take down this tournament for 2K, so I can blow it on UFC at the Irish Pub tonight while staring at hot chicks in kilts,

And while that's going on, I had a meeting of the minds last night, featuring myself, Coach Cosie, Master Varese and what I'm hoping will be my new YouTube guy.  Stay tuned for what I know will end up becoming your daily entertainment crack fix as me and Varese prepare to resurrect the legendary chemistry of LEE & DITKO

So during the meeting, Coach Cosie decides to show me some pics of the LFL -- The Lingerie Football League,

What I see are hot chicks in sexy lingerie and football pads and then my mind got racing in two directions, one where I came up with my own football teams with hot chicks and then boom, that naughty little pixi reared her ugly head,

So I just listed for all interested parties, the newest commission I ordered, THE GOTHAM CITY GO-GOs featuring HARLEY QUINN in PADS & LINGERIE,

Let's see who grabs it before it hits my wall,




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