Tis another Monday, and I am about to get my ass back on the air to claim a piece of my old soul that I always wanted dead but could never truly go extinct,

My mouth has always gotten me into trouble, often enough to make me always second guess myself and wonder if I should just accept that being a writer is a lonely existence,

Before I had to accept God's punishment and blow a decade as a working class ass, I spent enough time observing young people and being shocked at how many of them didn't know their fathers, or had fathers who were duds,

I often thought it was over inflation, attempts to direct a conversation back in their pitiful area, but it came all too frequently,

I am blessed to have a great father, I gave up my life and ambitions back in New York to be at his side after a heart attack and his immobility, I had to be the one who provided the humor while the rest of my family provided the drama and doom,


My mouth, my mouth, my mother fucking mouth,

Laughter, stories, roasting, japes, it all has it's place, I see it even becoming some sort of an amateur art form on youtube, but I also see a lot of filler,

I can talk for days about all sorts of bullshit, and amazingly enough, I hate fuckin filler, it shows the weakness of the speaker,

Think about that the next time you listen to an interview with an athlete, 

Think about how many times they say UM UM UM UM in between questions, their UM is their brain processing some filler and bullshit,

I always promised that anything I said had merit, that it was for the greater good of whoever was listening, but unfortunately, when you get disgraced in public and anyone with a keen eye for the internet can see you naked and smashing some girl with a stage name, you often lose your credibility, and the punishment you must always face for your public sins and pleasure is the torment of only being known for that in public,

That's why I loved my dogs so much, they didn't judge,

Long before I became a comic book writing force of natural perversion and darkness, I was a radio talk show host in Aspen, Colorado, the shishi ski town,

Long story short, I pissed off someone rich and powerful, and he cost me my radio career,

I eventually exposed his affair and destroyed his political career and both of us fuckin lost our dreams,

I ended up nanny and bodyguard to a busty bi sexual criminal, I think he ended up losing his wife and running a museum before he died of a "heart attack"

Either way I stayed away for years, but I love fantasy sports and I love youtube, so what the hell,

This Thurs, at about 6pm Eastern time, I'm going for my first live youtube show, doing a live stream of the Mariners Red Sox opening night kickoff from 7 -- 10:30 or later depending on how many times the fuckin manager pulls pitchers for pitch counts ugh ugh triple ugh,

Either way, I will have the youtube link for you guys several times this week and I hope you will join me on this journey,

Now first thing you may be thinking is Faro, I don't even like bloody baseball

Mother fuckers, do you really think I will be talking about baseball for four fucking hours,

Fantasy baseball is merely the backdrop for my madness, and I will have $100 in lineups on the game, where the top prize is $10,000

May fate and faith decide our fortune,

My mouth, my money, and my money where my mouth goes,

I promise you this, if I am ever running my mouth in your radius, I have one solitary goal in mind,

To make you fucking react,

Check out the new Kickstarter, ends in a week





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