I started a new writing adventure today, 

A lot has happened this past year, turning 40, quitting teaching, going full time writer, finalizing divorce, finishing my financial ass rape with the FBI & IRS and of course the one thing that trumped it all, saying goodbye to the greatest best pal a man can pray for.

All this change and transition that ends a 10 year arc of starting over and redeeming myself to my God, family and friends after being an adult entertainer and criminal,

The one constant in my life was my addiction to cannabis, I was never a drinker or a gambler, and its hard to say womanizer when the bulk of my job was dealing with women, but a good smoke and now an oil pen was my cure for anger, frustration and just the overall pettiness of daily life,

As a writer it was my juice, my channel into a wonderful world that enhanced my imagination,

But as good as MJ is for writing, it sucks for marketing,

You have seen my videos, some of you even like them, but I know I can do better, I will always use cannabis for comic book writing, but that can't be all that I am,

I thought the way to build credibility and get more backers in the comic book world was to be more established in comic book culture,

I grabbed both the Marvel and DC apps to read all their comics and be a reviewer, but that bored the shit out of me,

I tried to be a blogger about fantasy football, but I dont have the right temper for that, as can be seen by the 3x a week path of destruction I create when one of my fucking fantasy teams shit the bed or I am 5 minutes and a couple of kneel downs away from 15K

But alas, the point of this, if Marijuana is considered medicinal, then I truly believe I am cured,

You the backers, whether you are still in our cult or are just waiting to finish this email to unsubscribe I want you to know I do all of this for you, so that anything I sell has real weight, real adventure and real consequences, and a great writing adventure must begin with the character not knowing what will come of it,

That's why at 40, me the ex-con, the washed up stripper porn star writer asshole is going to do another realistic approach to an unrealistic goal.

That's why I am going to become a professional athlete,

Stay tuned True Believers,

Until my next post, enjoy these two new SAVAGE GIRL SERIES ART PIECES of SUPERGIRL & HARLEY QUINN and yes that Dino will be Jokerized,

Harley Quinn in the Savage Land

I just order from Emil two new OVERWATCH Commissions, one for TRACER and the newest addition to that wacky shotgun universe


Join us on the new Arizona Kickstarter,


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