Life is strange on this Manic Monday, China is being dicks, the market is down, and I am still sitting at 63% on this current Kickstarter,

The plateau stage is always the worst, and you can drive yourself crazy wondering how to counter the inevitable danger that befalls most campaigns,

Sometimes the best thing to do is shut the laptop down, smoke a bone and play some poker,

Sometimes you have to let your eyes burn on the white screens while you clamber to make some more of that digital blue currency,

Why do we torture ourselves for the constant pursuit of all this dirty green paper to turn into larger numbers in our paypal accounts,

But we have to remember why we bust our asses,

On one hand I have a dark angel with daddy issues, preferably an orphan, and she wants to comb across Disney in the fashion she deserves,

Now this little dark angel makes me feel like a comic book hero every time she twirls for me in her signature plaid skirts, and her bazookas entitle me to keep torturing Jose Varese to draw bigger titties on my covers so I can inspire more and more of you to drop complacency and discover dark angels of your own,

On the other hand I have a Pixi who's been torturing me for the last year and a half, and every time I think I have her in my clutches, she throws me for a loop and crashes me into darkness, then grabs me back in whenever I try to leave,

It's a poison I will gladly keep drinking, for the guarantee of nothing but the continuance of the game,

For that, I will torture every one of you out there in Kickstarter land to keep this train going, because unlike those other complacent pricks who call themselves comic book writers and publishers,


37% to go --- Start spreading the blues,




SIlent Harley Chaplin Joker

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