As any old writer desperately trying to stay relevant, I can't help but always dive back into the older comics from my childhood in the 80s whenever Marvel busts out another new show, even if the cast is the same age as my students.

I'm not creepy enough for anime but I definitely loved the Netflix shows enough to tune into ABC Free Form Network's foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which any of us would gladly sacrifice loved ones to be a part of.

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So not only did I commission a cover from my man Franchesco with a Cloak & Dagger theme, I went one further and mixed in his home state of New Mexico and how it reminded me of Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tattoine, so boom I mixed in the whole theme of Light & Dark of Cloak & Dagger with the Light & Dark Side of our beloved galaxy far, far, away.  Well at least we all used to love it until Kathleen Kennedy went all PC Terrorist on the people who made her a millionaire.

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So I taped the Cloak & Dagger show, and I ordered the Cloak & Dagger graphic novels from Ebay and Amazon.  I was all ready to be all fuckin immersed in some Cloak & Dagger and take myself back to the late 80s and early 90s when the only girl that mattered was She Hulk.  The day she stripped naked for SHIELD was the day I crossed into puberty.

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So lets just say this about the show and the graphic novels,  Sometimes nostalgia is better left in the past.  Sometime reading old school comics from your childhood makes you realize just how much you couldn't stand how they would incessantly drag out stories for 12 issues at a time, constantly obsessed with making you stick with a story until the inevitable milestone issue.  

It seems that everything I hate about FILLER FACTORIES like Brian Michael Bendis was around even before he entered the world of comics to piss me off.

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Every single story in the what amounted to 17 separate issues of Cloak & Dagger related issues, ranging from their first appearances in Spectacular Spiderman to their 4 issue limited series to another cameo run through Spec Spidey and then a two shot appearance in The New Mutants.

No bullshit, the same constant monologue about Cloak's struggle to maintain and Dagger's struggle to be free and the priest that wants them to turn themselves in and the cop that's chasing them and it all goes no where.

If I thought this was a comic worth reading then I would break down issue by issue what it covers but I don't want to waste my time.  And please don't misunderstand, I love comics, I love reading comics, but I can't stand being dicked along with the same line over and over because the writer is dragging out to make a page quota.

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I found myself getting bored and angry because the story kept traveling in the same circle, and it seemed that the only purpose Spiderman served in the story was to give them a celebrity rub.  He served no relevance to their overlying storyline other than to host them in his comic book.  I hate that shit and when the writing is weak it reeks of shameless plug, like I paid for a fuckin commercial.

I've canceled my WWE On Demand for less bullshit :)

So I just finished the first graphic novel and learned new or interesting about Cloak and Dagger other than they chase drug addicts and fight with each other over the same thing they were fighting over 17 issues before it.

I wanted this to be positive because I am pushing a Cloak and Dagger Cover but I would be cheating you if I wasnt honest.

So I think to myself, well if the books suck, maybe the show will be better,

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Yeah so we are 5 episodes in and again, no movement, nothing,

I love the Marvel Netflix shows, Daredevil Season 2 is a masterpiece and I am slowly warming up to Jessica Jones even though I was rooting for Kilgrave the whole time.

As for this Cloak & Dagger show, I just really hate when you can expose weak writing when they drag you along.  Even with this crazy world of ADD, that's no excuse to constantly repeat the same themes unless you are ready to evolve the story.

The episode run on the show is halfway over and I know Dagger is a whore, Cloak is an awkward teen, Detective O' Reilly is a whore banging cops in the back of her car and all the shows that ABC Free Form is pushing is about women being whores.  Ugh, fuck TV sometimes, I swear, sitcom whores, really,

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I know that as an Indiana Jones style teacher and professor, I have to know what my students are into, and lately it seems to many fuckin kids are into suicide and angst and while it seems like it may ruin the DC Universe, I hate that its infiltrating Marvel now.

Can we fuckin stop with the superheroes who hate that they have powers and must cope with long melodramatic stares and just get back to kicking ass and spouting catchphrases.

Ahh I love comics.

Well there it is friends, Blog Number 1, hope ya liked, stay around and buy some shit, make me rich, I love Colombian Hookers


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