We celebrate life and love here at Faro's Lounge, oh who the fuck are we kidding, we celebrate time travel and titties here at Faro's Lounge,

So whether you are one of our regulars or just a new person wondering how you got this email or what is has to do with you and why you're still reading this other then your curiosity has been peaked by the greatest mother fucker in the comic book business.

My name is Faro Kane and I'm the world's last true story teller.  That statement is neither bold or melodramatic, my competition has been bombarding you with submissive bullshit, begging you to join them in funding some ridiculous idea that they have a mission from God to create.

I am telling you that this comic book gets made with or without you, but I sure would have a lot more fuckin fun if you were riding along with me.

I spent a lifetime working dangerous and sometimes illegal jobs, I chased women out of my league and pretending to be in tax brackets I wanted until I got into tax brackets I wanted until the US Government took me down,

With a chance to flee with 4 million and a new identity, I gave it all up because of a bulldog,

That bulldog passed recently, and now I am in the need for new adventures.

Join me, and the only promise I make you is only promise a comic book should fulfill





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