2018 is wrapping up, which means nothing to me to be honest.

I kind of hate holidays because it always invented stress, bad holiday music, all your favorite shows have to do the X-Mas Special or even worse they are pre-empted for another stupid X-Mas movie,

The way I see it, when you work for yourself and you work hard, every fuckin day should be X-Mas

So on that note, here are two more entries to The Faro's Lounge Hall of Fame, 

Cavewomen, if you only knew how much I dream of waking up in 1,000,000 BC surrounded by a bunch of dirty horny stacked Cavewomen, 

Now if and when I pull off time travel I will send you a post card, and how will I handle the lack of bathing,

The best way my friends, Cannabis & Cognac

Excelsior my friends,


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