Lets welcome 2 more lovelies into our Steel Bikini Archives, as Emil Cabaltierra continues to work hard at making sure each entry has a unique touch while staying true to our tribute to the greatest piece of outer wear in sci-fi history.

With yesterday's SHE-RA breakout success I added a SHE-RA THOR Piece and put back the SLAVE SHE-RA piece, but I was also inspire to add someone else.

Supposedly, social media zombies and lost minions are banding together to make Kylie Jenner the world's youngest billionaire.  At first I was obviously angry that people would do such a thing, but then after my jealous, immature rage went away, I finally got to a place where I thought, GOD BLESS THE WOMAN.

Kylie has set a precedent for what is possible if either you are smart enough, or you can take advantage of enough stupid people. 

So with that said, it's time to put KYLIE JENNER into the FARO's LOUNGE art ARCHIVES, and what better way to do it then having JOSE VARESE bust out a SPECIAL CELEBRITY EDITION BLANK COVER COMMISSION OF KYLIE JENNER IN A BILLION DOLLAR BIKINI.

aspen, slave leia, steel bikini art, soulfire

Whether you buy it or I keep it, it's getting done and it's getting put in front of KYLIE until she re posts on her social media and our little brand becomes the billion dollar comic book brand it is destined to be.

Slave Leia, zenescope, steel bikini art, commission

Always remember, I won't rest until Marvel's entire writing staff is forced to retire and work as fucking middle school English teachers as Florida Charter Schools, trust me, it's Right Next Door to Hell :)

If you've seen Jose's Nicolas Cage Superman, Christopher Walken Brainiac and every porn star ex I've had him do as several superheroines while pathetically trying to recall my younger richer years then you will know nobody does it like him.

And should Kylie sell too fast, you know I added a Steel Bikini Kim with frozen Kanye as well.

Whatever your fetish Faro Kane has you covered.  Check out the new Kickstarter



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