About Faro

For the last 20 years, Faro Kane has trekked around the globe looking, living and longing for the best in both the mature and the mashup when it comes to the world of fantasy art, taking a spot among the best in the world of Rare & Exotic Art Acquisitions.

His adventures have taken him across five continents, working along the way as a stripper, bodyguard, Elvis Impersonator, Lion-tamer, and teacher.

On April Fools’ Day 2011, on a night of completely clichéd irony, he made a decision to walk back to his hotel to avoid driving drunk.

And on that walk home, he was hit by a drunk driver,

Clinically dead for a minute and left with a disfigured face and partial brain damage, he had to submit to a year of physical, mental and skin therapy.

It was during that seclusion that he started writing The Chronicles of Faro, the ultimate tale of time travel, domination, seduction, and redemption.

With Kickstarter taking out the middleman, he was able to launch it on the open market, starting in July 2013 and two big novels later.