Gamma Ray Greek Joker breaking Wonder Woman in half
Gamma Ray Joker splitting Wonder Woman like a wishbone
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Gamma Ray Joker -- Breaking Wonder Woman -- Mature Poster Set

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Two Posters Back to Back -- A GREEN JOKER & A WHITE JOKER VERSION,

We all know and love the traditional DC Comics Universe, but if you were looking for a poster of that then take your traditional arse over to the mainstreams for something vanilla and shiny,

Here at Faro's Lounge we'd rather be broke then woke, so here is my version of DC Comics -- or as I will refer to it as when I am running it -- The DCU

What happens when The Joker gets his hands on the Hulk's Gamma Ray Cocktail and turns himself into the Ultimate Villain, with his first act of Malice is Breaking Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman the same way Bane broke The Batman

 Art from Faro's Lounge Artist Jose Varese.