Faro's Sui-Cycle Series -- Gwen Stacy - Mary Jane Watson -- Spider-Man Bike

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Growing up as a rabid Spiderman fan and reader, but with my perverse mind forever unsatisfied, I was always fantasizing that I was Peter Parker and would eventually pull the ultimate three-way with Gwen & Mary Jane. This piece from my man Hique in Brazil captures that teenage fantasy brilliantly.

I spent last Saturday evening chasing inspiration on the dance floor with a Danish Yoga Instructor.  She reminded me of John Romita's early Mary Jane, as she was a freestyling red head that I wanted to bone.  She had her friend with her, and while most people think that's a cock block, I always embrace it as a challenge for a threeway.

It made me think of all the times I would yell like a moron at my Amazing Spider-Man comics, I think if I was Peter Parker, I would've pulled off the Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy threeway.  But it's all heresy at least till I prove it.  I have had threeways with a blonde and a redhead, but I didn't call them Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy.  As I get older I wish I had, but that won't stop from trying again......and again. 

Happy trails my friends, and may every obnoxious word out of my mouth make you start chasing your windmill.