Jessica Rabbit -- Squatting Spider -- McFarlane Remix

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All Faro's Lounge Posters ship in Protective 12 x 18 Toploaders

Jessica Rabbit was everyone’s first crush, you know it, we know it, everyone knows it.

Jessica is one of the hottest cartoon characters ever created. As our balls dropped and we got some hair on our chest, we realized there was one huge problem… We never got to see her in a steel bikini.

The Faro team and loyal legion have been begging us for a new comic book art poster sexier than ever. We’ve delivered…

The all-new art poster, the extra busty Jessica Rabbit, Slave Leia style with a glistening steel bikini. This ultra-bright watercolor style art poster is sure to turn heads and raise shafts.

Jessica Rabbit is our most popular art poster for good reasons. Jose Varese has outdone himself. With vibrant colors and one of the best bodies, we’ve ever seen on an art poster. Jessica Rabbit practically jumps off the poster and asks you “How do you want it?” 

We really pushed the envelope with this one, and we want you to put her against your wall. We use only the finest grade art poster paper. Everything from the attention to detail and careful planning that went behind the poster, to the packaging we use to ship it to you shows that we love comic book art as much as you do. We want your wall to be proud to hold one of the best pieces of comic book art to ever hit the market.