Faro's Sui-Cycle Series -- Supergirl -- Krypton -- Superman Bike

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All Faro's Lounge Posters ship in Protective 12 x 18 Toploaders

The Faro's Lounge Topless Joyrider Series starting with me acting out my all time favorite threesome fantasy with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson and somehow as always manifested itself into something much bigger and naughtier,

When Peter Parker made enough money as Spider-Man, his first vanity purchase was a motorcycle,

In my fan fiction AracKnight Universe, Peter has Golden Age Bruce Wayne finances -- which he then uses to become a more James Bond Batman like SpiderMan.

We keep the tradition going with Kara Zor-El aka The Supergirl now riding topless on a Superman Inspired Super Chopper

We have so many fantasy combinations on Super Powered Villain Inspired Choppers, Collect them all,