Original Art -- Poison Ivy -- Batgirl -- Topless Black Mask Chopper

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From Faro's Lounge Artist HIQUE of Brazil, this is the continuation of our Topless Chopper Series that takes two hot femme fatales from the world of comics and fantasy and places them on a custom chopper of a classic villain or hero,

This masterpiece of boobs and bikes features Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy, along with her captive Barbara Gordon aka The Batgirl, riding topless on a Skeletal Black Mask Custom Chopper

The original art is on 12 x 18 art board and is already placed in a protective toploader,

The original art also includes two 11 x 17 art posters colored by Hique

The full color version of the Poison Ivy Batgirl Black Mask Topless Chopper

The full color version of the Joker Topless Chopper, featuring Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, or sub it out for a choice of your own,

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