Jessica Rabbit as THE BRIDE! -- Jose Varese Art Book -- Faro's Lounge Exclusive

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Each Faro's Lounge Exclusive Mature Cover Variant is SIGNED & NUMBERED by Master Varese -- and we're only doing 75 of these babies,

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many years ago, at a Comic Con in beautiful Downtown Hartford, Connecticut, site of Wrestlemania 11 and other assorted events -- I began what would become a wonderful lifetime collaboration with a fluffy artist extraordinaire -- angrily coming away from a meeting with the Vanilla Express and questioning his existence in this industry,

Until I tortured him to do the ultimate Wonder Woman Faro Blank Cover Commission,

After flipping it for more than I originally intended, I immediately ordered two more, and pretty soon I had a queue list so long it drove us into a wonderful flashpoint paradox of seclusion, imagination, and dancing, lots of dancing,

Since that day he has been pestered with non stop texts and phone calls, forever burdened to answer the same damn question over and over,

"How's Progress?"

Join me in celebrating the best cover artist in the independent comic book world, and this is a special collaboration to pump up his newest Kickstarter Art Book, in order to quit his day job as the oil boy for the Miami Dolphins, 

Jose Varese will be signing and numbering 75 copies of the Faro's Lounge Exclusive Mature Variant