Faro's Poker Lounge -- Round 2 -- 11 x 17 Art -- Emma Frost - Wonder Woman - Madusa

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Featuring Wonder Woman, Emma Frost and Madusa.  We started the naughty Superhero Strip Poker series originally as art commissions, and as usual the fan response was so huge we had to beg the backers who bought them to let us use them as posters, provided they were properly sedated and seduced with the promise of riches and immortality.

So while you wait enjoy this piece of artistic 11 x 17 Mature Poster Print Brilliance featuring the 3 lovely femme fatales who won in the first round of our Superhero Strip Poker Championship at Faro's Lounge,

Round 1 -- Battle of the Blondes -- Emma Frost, Supergirl, Captain Marvel

Round 2 -- Battle of the Brunettes -- Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman, Rogue

Round 3 -- Battle of the Redheads -- Poison Ivy, Madusa, Jean Grey

This poster represents the next round, and moving on will be

enjoy and stay tuned for more from Faro's Lounge

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