Happy Turkey Hangover, and thanks to any and all who participated in the White Wednesday Sale -- I believe we have a packages left waiting to be packed and bundled under your tree -- waiting anxiously for the dog or children to crush it and demean its value, for which we will both collectively blame on UPS so I can collect the insurance and you get a brand new Christman gift in the spring, ---- Ahh Holidays,

So once again here is the link to the White Wednesday Sale -- 


As for new business -- since the response to the White Wednesday sale was so wonderful, besides blowing the profits on some Cyber Sat fun after I meet up with Master Varese to sign the books, I have also put a MAJOR SLASH SLASH BASH BLACK VENOM FRIDAY DISCOUNT -- on the 4 pieces of ORIGINAL ART still remaining on the Kickstarter,

1 -- The Steampunk Jessica OA -- down to $333

2 -- The Eternia Strip Poker -- down to $333

3 -- The Smurf Harley Blank Cover Commission -- down to $160

4 -- The Castlevania Chopper OA -- down to $160

One Day My friends -- those fuckers are going back into the EDIT at Midnight,

Happy Hunting -- if any current backers want to ADD-ON -- hit me up in the Messages before they GO --

I'm off to make lineups for the Jets Fins game and eat the rest of the melted ice cream cake I dripped into a bowl -- tasted so much better frozen back after slightly melted

Happy Hunting True Believers -- Happy Holidays,




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