Happy New Year Bubba Truckers, so rather then hang out at the new pool and jacuzzi hunting for bikini clad girls with daddy issues, I went full dork and watched all of Cobra Kai Season 3

For all you aspiring writers and Kickstarter Conquerors, if you ever needed a good education in funny storytelling mixed in with drama, then my friends, kick back, order some tacos and let the nostalgia fly on Netflix,

Well back to business, I decided on one last Tattooed Hooker to ring in the new year, then I swear no more hookers and onto real hunting, well there is this other tattooed hooker coming to town in two weeks, so we shall see, stop judging me you happily married or wonderfully single or trapped in a convent types who make fun,

So while I was driving home with my fingers out the window, Master Varese texted me with his updates on EMPEROR MICKEY & DARTH GROGU -- the only this missing is SLAVE AHSOKA, but if Varese gets on a run, then ye shall see her before the Kickstarter ends,

My backer backed out on the Original Art, so it is now listed in the Rewards section, may even thrown in an extra McGuffie or two, which doesn't include the Laptop Stickers I added to everyone's package as a thank you for 25K bonus,

Happy Shopping,




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