Merry X-Mas and Bah Humbug, speaking of which, did I happen to mention next month's featured cover will have a Knullified Grand Admiral Scrooge, 

Meh, we can talk about that later, check out the finished colors for the Dirty Disney Deuce Cover, featuring Ariel as DARTH TYDAL along with her AQUA-VADER

Nobody does the mashups like Faro's Lounge, and for all you Slave Leia Fans, check out Wonder Woman 1984 all up in the Steel Bikini, I'm about to head out to see that flick tonight on the old IMAX, socially distanced of course and stoned as hell, trying to empty out the last of my holiday reserves before my attempt to detox for my new move to Downtown Fort Lauderdale,  Faro Kane turns jock :)

Anyway, inspired by the price of my movie ticket on Fandango, I ordered the prequel to the Amazon Ahsoka piece by adding an AHSOKA VS DIANA to my Commission Queue, figuring the only way Ahsoka can enter the Amazonian Tribe to fight Diana in Combat, inspired of course by the whole Bo Katan Mandalorian soap opera :)

Happy Hunting,



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