Happy Tuesday my friends, here is the colors update for the first of our DOUBLE SUPERHERO STRIP POKER POSTERS -- THE GEN13 ROUND, available as always on the new Faro's Lounge Kickstarter


And for those of you into some fashion -- being a globe trotting surveyor of Rare & Exotic Art Acquisitions, I get to enforce my own dress code,

Hoodies and Jeans -- The American Dream,

So I've been designing my own Hoodies and Jeans, and I finally found a distributor who makes the soft thick hoodies I like with the zippers to show off the chest hair.

I ordered my first few samples and while I love the feel and wore them throughout my latest trip to Colombia -- something was missing, and it took a few local lovelies to finally get that last ounce of inspiration to complete each piece,

And every purchase comes with smooth cool Digital Action,




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