Happy Monday my friends, I just landed from Colombia for a little R&R -- which I believe stands for Rumps & Rolls --

So back from vacay and there is the pending arrival of a bunch of books and posters, all representing Miss Slave Leia and Miss Piggy, so I have a crate of supplies to open as well and then the packing and shipping shall commence -- so as always, be expecting tracking codes in your message folders,

I'll also be sending out the HARLEY 3 DIGITALS this week -- so keep your eyes and noses askew for some new.

And on to new news, time for another ride down Faro's American Safari for the 32nd time -- as we enter the front lawn of Kevin Costers' Ranch for our MONTANA EDITION -- starring BETTY & WILMA as some naughty cavewomen,

Happy Hunting my friends, 




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