Happy Monday, well, I'm lying, I've been using the algorithms over at DFS Army and I managed to get myself into 1st place in a bunch of Draftkings Tourneys,

TEMPOR--fuckin--RARILY of course,

Josh Oliver, a fuckin backup TE for the Vikings, ruined my day -- I hope he goes on vacation in Vietnam with his earnings and steps just to the side of an old land mine, not enough to kill, but enough to fuck up his career for fucking up what was beginning to look like a pleasant Sunday evening,

Do you ever feel like when you place a wager or upload a lineup, you are hammering your sacred Trident into the ground with authority,

And then, the river just manages to flow around you,

Ahhhh Addiction,

Ok, I'll be sending out Digital Rewards today and ordering the Zeldara 8 Books and Posters, so quit pestering me with your emojis of poo,

Of course this week is the infamous Black Friday, so as everyone else offers up their coffers, I of course have to do one better,

So I've set aside about 50 Holofoils and LTDs from my private stash and I will have them on sale during the Holiday Sales Purge -- ALL for 25 BUCKS!!

Happy Black Friday -- details and books and pics will be posted once I come out of my Turkey Hangover,

As for now, check out this baby, the continuation of our Superhero Strip Poker Series, and this one stars the gals of Eternia as they wait on where they will be working in 2024 -- Netflix or Amazon, 

The Original Art is back up for grabs and as always, it comes with a page of original interior art from the Faro Series,

Happy Viewing True Bequeafers,




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