Greetings my friends, and Happy Thursday from Faro's Lounge 

I'm about to wash the hookers and waffles off my sweaty frame and go check out the new Birds of Prey Movie -- and I get the last eight pages colored from my newest team member -- who came in the clutch and helped replace an odd slacker piece of shit who will get his come uppance once the happy drugs wear off,

I kid, I kid -- or do I????????????

So the colored pages have been sent off to the letterer, who has assured me the finished Zeldara shall be in my Dropbox by the time the XFL opening weekend has stifled us all,

And Faro Summer 1867 issues have shipped from the printer and will be arriving this weekend,

I will have the Cara Dune Poster Colored by the end of this weekend so we can put in the order for the SOUTH DAKOTA and Happy Harley Books, 

Jose is finishing the colors on the Hooker Harley Robocop Covers, so then I will be able to send Michigan off to the printers,

So much production, and such a great reason to be surrounded by boxes,

So enjoy these two pages from the opening scene of Zeldara, as we reinvent THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION -- Kathleen that is,

For those of you who missed out on the ZELDARA #1 Kickstarter, you can add a copy to your pledge on the newest Faro Kickstarter for the Anti-Valentine's Special of $20

Happy Hunting,



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