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Grab the new Superhero Strip Poker Asian Beauties Round, or add it to your current package, and then on to new business,


Harley Quinn about to get naughty in Faro's Lounge


So last night I made a sojourn out to a favorite staple of Americana, The State Fair,

While it's been a bit chilly here down in Sunny Florida, the people were out in force to enjoy all the fried delights and scary rides on rusty metal driven by stoned carnies,

The American Safari,

While my mates were riding the swings, I had the opportunity to follow a fine pile of fried oreos with a good juicy grease burger with nacho cheese,

That's when I spotted a couple on the rope bridge,

Those not familiar, its that carnival game where have to slowly climb a rickety rope bridge over a blow up mattress with all four of your limbs, 

Before making it to the top, the ropes always give and you end up on your back, laughing your way through the humiliation while your girl takes her drunken shot after you,

I say this because the couple was good looking, the dude wearing a leather jacket holding a plastic pint of Sam Adams, and his girl looking busty and blonde in a tight grey sweatshirt that bared enough mid drift and a pair of jeans painted on,

At first I thought I was enjoying the couple's laughter when I had one of those freaky fuckin moments,

I no longer saw the couple in front of me,

I saw me and my ex, the one who inspired Majesty,

We used to go to the fair all the time,

I wasn't sad in that moment, like I thought I would be, I was actually kind of happy,

Now listen, I hate my ex wife more than life itself but she taught me a lot of crazy shit, and what I was really enjoying was the fact that I was able to have those moments, especially in a time where divorce seems to be everywhere.

Then it got me to thinking of the next Faro's Lounge Sketchbook, and how each and every forward issue is more to me then just a clever and creative ploy to keep you all entertained while Jose Varese catches up on commissions and we are waiting to start writing the next chapter in the Faro Comics Saga -- SUMMER 1867 -- where we will see Faro go to HELL!!!

And speaking of hell, rather then try to entice you with some wacky poems and humors, I wanted to give this next issue of our Faro's Lounge Sketchbook Series more of a DARKER TONE,

And I don't mean DC Comics Fantastic Four We Don't Know What The Fuck Dark Means DARK, I mean the theme will not be comical love, or another bragging event about falling ass backwards into a threeway (Of course those will be back next month)

I want this issue to focus on the FAILURES & FUCKUPS, and not just the oh shit I have to go home and jerk off fuckups, I'm talking loss of credit, loss of sanity, and perhaps in one fateful situation, loss of kidney :)

So strap in true believers, as I plan to take your mind and imagination on a ride to both Shangrila and Shang Tsung, as there is only one goal in mind for Faro's Lounge moving forward,



And now for the next installment of who will Superman beat the shit out of this week and forget about next week chapter 11, brought to you by Faro's Lounge, where I am moving the KICKS & CLOCKS store because its too fucking confusing to run two stores,

Superman has spent his first year in existence living out the angry vicarious fantasies of every American writer and artist who has been screwed over by those merely trying to survive during The Great Depression.

So now Superman will be taking on THE STOCK MARKET!!!!!

Clark Kent is on a story about a bunch of Metropolis Senior Citizens who thought they were going to a free lunch at Morton's Steakhouse and ended up walking out with a shitload of shares in a bum oil company that is blowing up their stocks with promises of fertile fields spouting plumes of black gold into the sky,

But in actuality they are not pumping and plan to leave town with the cash and fuck the people over,

Clark originally wants to tell the seniors, "Hey fuckheads, nothing's free in BOCA!!" but then better heads prevail and he changes into Superman gear to deal out some justice the only way the artist knows how,

By smashing mother fuckers into walls until he gets the answer he wants

However, our man Super goes a different route this particular issue and goes all Big Short on these fat cats,

Superman takes out his life savings and agrees to purchase the stocks back from the seniors at their original price, so they get their money back,

Superman then goes out to the phony oil fields and proceeds to wreak absolute Kryptonian fuckin havoc on the oil fields, literally turning it into a black oil bath,

The issue ends with Superman's stocks worth over a million dollars,

Superman is a fuckin Millionaire,

Hands down my favorite issue of all time,

Happy Wednesday my friends,

Action Comics 11 Cover

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