Ok, my friends, the Kickstarter Surveys have gone out to your boxes and foxes.  Make sure to answer them ASAP, as the NORTH CAROLINA SKETCHBOOK is finished with cover and interior designs, and I need only your poster selections to put into the printer.

Once the week is up, I'll send the specs to the printer and it usually takes about 10 days from them to me, a couple of days to sort the piles, then they are on your doorstep within a week of that,

That's always the plan, A-Team style, B-Team attack :) -- Now on to new business, THE ANTI-VALENTINE'S SKETCHBOOK 

We killed some numbers in January, I promise you I'm going to get me a hooker that represent exactly how much pride I feel in both you as readers and art collectors and me as a sex addicted writer who must act like a Roman caveman hybrid as a justification of good writing tactics,

Hey if ain't broke, only use half a Cialis, in case its a threeway, depending on profits and how much the lineups bring in this Super Bowl Sunday,

Speaking of love, we will not be celebrating this Feb with a tacky Valentine's Day Sketchbook, filled with more of my asshole stories of falling ass backwards into orgies and olympic like sex with evil agents of Hell,

This book is going to be filled with Dark Poetry about THE FAILURES, THE EPIC FAILURES, and fuck it, it's going to be 32 pages instead of 24, so we don't miss out on the art,

Those of you who want to roll with me in this emotion of hate, heartache and hookers, the cover is going to our latest mashup JESSICA RABBIT & POISON IVY, in the ultimate Red Dead Redemptive Mashup Cover,

Both Mature & Sexy Variants will be available,

Excelsior my friends, as one Kickstarter ends, another mother fucker begins, 

See you on the other side,



Jessica Rabbit as Poison Ivy


Oh yes, and this is one of the newest posters,the latest entry into the Superhero Strip Poker Series,

Who will be the next 3 ladies going to the Quarter Finals,

You will decide,


Sue Storm, Zatanna and Witchblade in Superhero Strip Poker


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